Another victim

RJ going by Bagby's rock

Bagby rock

Suzi the rock dog says "EXCELLENT.....Next we take over the WORLD!"

no white fenders

Got Johnny Joint

Suzi the rock dog seeing her opportunity to mingle

All Pro long travel flex

Friends of no white fenders round up

Yep even a couple of jeeps and a nice Tacoma

RJ and Theresa at bagby rock

Suzi the rock dog "lets go lets goooo.. where's the coyotes?"

Audi breaks a brake line on a rock and flys full speed backwards

Audi knows how to fix it. He's done it a few times before.

Dave in his new 4runner coming through Bagby's rock

Dave and his son at Bagby rock


Suzi the rock dog "When's lunch!"

Suzi the rock dog covered in dirt!

Joe back'n off the obsticle.

RC sneaking up on Audi's jeep hehe.

Joe trying out his new Allpro 4inch springs

Joe gettin' jiggy

Dave lovin' his new 4runner

Hydro steer

BFG Krawlers

RC and Suzi the rock dog

Suzi the rock dog "It's all over with and time to go home??"