offroad prerunner fiberglass fenders trailrigs truggies Xtoys









Nick "Locals Only" Diehl 2000 Toyota 4runner LC harmonic balancer 32x11.50 BFGs



Matt "From the land down unda" Western Sweet double cab 1984 2.4 liter diesel 5 speed.



Jay "The Rock" King 80 Custom Truggy sitting on 37's Sporting a God awfully high lift.


 Troy "The Homo on the phones" 83 P/U fully built in 2 weeks by Calmini trucks


Joe "Bring it on over we'll get it fixed" Mckay 07 Tacoma Double Cab.


Dave "Discount Dave" Reiner 85 4runner sporting the Proto of the Triple X-crossmember.


Albert "My drive shaft slipped out" Devlin 85 Xtracab sporting a home built square tube driveshaft.


Eric "I  my tires before each run" Hansen 85 p/u sporting Proto 2inch buggy springs


Bryce "College Kid" Dupriest 84 p/u sporting a home made front tube bumper.


Andrew Shinnefield 92 Toy rear locked crawler bobbed pickup

Noe "Noah I keep having to add stuff to the truck I want to sell" Alduenda 81 standard cab locked with cross over steering.

Kenny "SukiVet" King
88 1/2 Suzuki Samurai spooled in the rear and a Calmini 6.5 to 1 T-case

yler "No Locker" Elston 85 4Runner 3inch lift and some mudders (Lookin' for some fun in Northern CA)

Robert Sadler Flexing out his full size

Dave "The disabled guy" 87 Landcruiser with the cool little trail dog


Chris Puder 85 toyota on 37's and Exo'd.